Morenga – A novel by Uwe Timm

Credits: Stefan Horn

Relations between German colonists and both Herero and Hottentot tribes grow dangerously strained in the former South West Africa (now Namibia) in the early 20th century—and a 34-year-old “Veterinary Lieutenant (i.e., “horse doctor’) identified as Gottschalk arrives, with vague hopes of becoming both a helpful and a civilizing influence (“. . . at some point there will be eyes in this wilderness reading Goethe, ears listening to Mozart”).

Rencontre avec Andréas Lang

For many years, Berlin photographer Andrèas Lang has been working at the interface between fiction and reality. His work is characterized by intensive research. This also see him traveling to many African countries, where he investigates colonialism and its effects and legacies – both in archives and with his own camera.

Savoy-Sarr Report

Credits: African Hall, Musée du quai Branly – Jacques Chirac, photo Andreas Praefcke, Wikimedia Commons

French President Emmanuel Macron spoke at the University of Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso on November 28, 2017: “Starting today, and within the next five years, I want to see the conditions put in place so as to allow for the temporary or definitive restitution of African cultural heritage to Africa.”

Within a few months, President Macron had commissioned economist Felwine Sarr and art historian Benedicte Savoy to prepare a report on how this goal should be accomplished.