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Linden Museum Difficult Heritage

Difficult Heritage

The Linden-Museum and Württemberg in the colonial period
A workshop exhibition 16 March 2021 until 8 May 2022

What does the Linden-Museum have to do with German colonialism? Which Württemberg protagonists were involved in colonialism? And how present was colonialism in the everyday world of Württemberg? These are the questions that a workshop exhibition on Württemberg colonial history, which can be seen from 26 November 2020 to 8 May 2022 at the Linden-Museum Stuttgart, aims to answer.


The focus is not so much on the effects of colonialism in the German colonies, but rather on how it manifested itself in the Linden-Museum and in Württemberg and continues to have an effect to this day. In this way, the museum takes responsibility for its own history and critically reflects on its colonial roots.

The exhibition shows the museum’s colonial connections between 1882, the year of the founding of the Württemberg Association for Commercial Geography as the museum’s sponsor, and around 1940, and includes effects up to the present day. Karl Graf von Linden played an important role. He was chairman of the supporting association and shaped the museum during the colonial period.

Accordingly, the museum was named after him in 1911. In addition, other personalities are presented who are part of stories that took place between the museum, Württemberg and the colonies.