South to South Co-Narrative Occupation

Credits: Decolonialists participating in a Global south to Global South workshop on co-narrative occupation, bones rising and the Namibian story teller’s Geneological positioning in the Nama-Herero genocide, Photo by Christian Etongo

Following the research Yaounde Cameroon during the Burden of memory cultural week. Veronique Mensah and Nyasha Joshua Kuchekana-Chirau manage to create a network of Cameroonian artists that were willing and able to performatively fill the gaps of Germany’s colonial heritage in both Namibia and Cameroon, the has referred to by as “Occupying the co-narrative”.

As Bones Risings  second Research and Preparation workshop. Veronique and Nyasha  managed conduct a de-colonial story telling workshop with Artist the had come to Namibia for ritualist performance protest on the Nama-Herero Genocide

Rass Mangmo From Cameroon explaining the ancient Bamilike tale of the Kokfak instrument and its link to the project Bones Rising